What makes a home a home?

4 thoughts on “What makes a home a home?”

    1. Awww, dear Tessa… what a beautiful, heartfelt post! and the question will remain for all of our children: ” what is home”. Someone told me one day “home is where your heart is”… Let’s continue to bring our hearts with us… for our families, and for our little ones… ❤️


  1. Brings back the feelings evoked by those very same questions you ask. Where is home? I was born into the foreign service and even now, decades after I stopped traveling the world with my parents, the wanderlust washes over me. But my roots are deep here where I’ve lived for 40 years while raising a family and I stay put while re-experiencing my rambling years through the photos that remind me of that wonderful life. Buen viaje!


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